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Aggressive Traffic Ticket Defense

Fight your ticket to save money, time and stop harsh penalties.

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Avoid Insurance Points

The cost savings in fines and auto insurance premiums from a reduction or elimination of points could save you thousands of dollars over time.

Don't Miss Work or Waste Time

We go to Court for you! Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we can receive authorization to go to Court on your behalf. That means no missing work or having to skip classes. Let our qualified attorneys worry about your case and update you at all phases.

No Hidden Fees Flat Rate Price

It's possible an attorney would charge you multiple times for each appearance. In addition they may require reimbursement for items such as travel. Instead, we charge an all-included FLAT RATE for our traffic and speeding ticket representation.

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Start Fighting Now

Office Address: 800 3rd Ave. #2503, New York, NY 10022, USA

Phone: (888) 345-1202

Fax: (212) 889-3242


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